R&D Center

         Joyochem R & D center—Actpharma Co.,Ltd is set up by Joyochem Co., Ltd and Shandong Analysis and Test Center. The research team has a group of superintendents with more than 10 years’ experience, high research level and abundant practical experience. It is a team of well-knit theoretical knowledge, reasonable knowledge structure and teamwork spirit. At present, the center has all kinds of proessional researchers 20 persons among which there are 1 doctor and 8 masters. The center makes the most of modern analytical equipment and excellent analytical talents advantage of Shandong Analysis and Test Center, combining the experience of synthesis of compound and chemical production of Jinngyuan company, settling a important base for pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates’ development, production and promotion. 
          In addition, in the subject of synthese of new compound, structure modification of compound, structure confirmation of compound and synthesis of natural products, we employ scholars of College of pharmacy; Shandong University, College of Chemistry; Shandong University, College of Chemistry; Shandong Normal University as our guest researchers. At the same time, we encourage reasearchers to attend all kinds of domestic new pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical raw materials conference and cooperative study. By this way, the reasearchers can keep pace with the frontier reasearches of international and domestic chemical pharmaceutical domain and inhence their research ability and research level. 
          It is equipped with laboratory of natural pharmaceutical, laboratory of pharmaceutical synthesis, laboratory of pharmaceutical preparation and laboratory of pharmaceutical analysis. Every laboratory is equipped with modern experimental facilities. 
          Since it’s set up, the center has researched and developed 2 second grade new pharmaceuticals, 4 four grade new pharmaceuticals and copied 20. We have 3 chiral compounds with proprietary intellectual property right. At present, we are developing antitumorigenic, antiviral and cardiovascular medicine with schlors of College of pharmacy; Shandong University. 
          The center will foucus attention on frontier of medicine domain, realize technology’s breaking through and innovating and provide better product and more comprehensive service for the society.



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